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Make your old sails look newer... Our sail service program is guaranteed to prolong the life and enhance the appearance of your sails.

All sails, whether Dacron, Mylar, or Kevlar; take abuse and wear. Any soil, stains, or salt left on your sails can cause permanent damage, mildew growth, and/or odors if not properly cleaned and stored.

At Sailor's Choice, all sails are hand-washed on site by an experienced sail maker who can quickly spot existing or potentail problems. The entire sail is checked over, including seams, tapes, corners, and batten pockets. We can help stop small problems from becoming serious. Cleaning and inspecting your sails annually protests your investment and will make your next sailing season more enjoyable.

Our sailing washing facility can safely wash sails for boats up to 45 feet. No harsh or damaging chemicals are used. Our facility is equipped to allow us to fix most problems with speed and accuracy. We can usually repair minor damage within 24 hours. All repair work is guaranteed to be right the first time!

Sailor's Choice recommends the Dutchman Sail Flaking System as the #1 choice for mainsail handling on any yacht!

The Dutchman Sail Flaking System can make your sailing excursions easier and more enjoyable. The system is installed on your mainsail and allows for neat, easy flakes during sail take downs.

The steps involved in modifying your mainsail to accept the Dutchman System are minimal, and our professional sailmaker/rigger can easily handle any retro-fit, service requirement, or system installation.

Dutchman also manufactures high performance end-fittings for full length batten mainsails. These unique and inexpensive end-fittings help eliminate problems often associated with hoisting full-batten mains. The fittings transfer load off the sail slides and onto the mast with rollers. We can easily install these fittings on your full batten sail or finish off with them while converting you mainsail to full-battens. 

With an extensive inventory of samples and brochures, Sailor's Choice is your only stop for personalized service and most Dutchman products.

Estimated Prices

Boat SizeMax P/ESystem SizeCost Installed
in Sail**
Cost Installed
on Boat*
Cost Incl. Sail
Cover Modification
20’- 28’30’/14’ Series 30 Type A2 $405 $200 $645
29’- 35’40’/15’ Series 40 Type A2 $525$200$760
29'-35'40'/18'Series 40 Type A3$595$200$835
35'-45'50'/15'Series 50 Type A2$665$250$995
35'-45'50'/19'Series 50 Type A3$755$250$1,045

*Boat Installation Includes:

  • New vinyl coated topping lift wire
  • New topping lift control line (XLS polyester line)
  • Installation of new topping lift and cleat
  • Tune up and adjustment of system as needed
  • Explanation and demonstration of use

**Sail Installation Includes:

  • New vinyl coated topping lift wire
  • Installation of control lines
  • Set-up lines and system in loft for easy installation
  • Modification of sail cover for an additional $50


  • Change to B type system add $80

All prices listed above are offered as an example of a typical installation and are subject to change. Custom jobs and unique installations will be priced accordingly.